Monday, August 29, 2016


Can your body type really play that great of a role in whether I am a good athlete or not? I'd never really thought that my body type could have played a big role in my ability to be a good ski racer. I had always heard that strong thighs, bigger feet and solid build are helpful in being a good ski racer, but I would never have thought that much into it. Genetic differences can make people have more red blood cells and they don't even know it. Have 50 percent greater of a lung capacity and never training a day in their life. Mad I wish I was one of those people. It is  also a little sad to think that people who work really hard everyday to become a professional athlete can face such a huge disadvantage because of their height , weight, wig span, whether their legs are short and their torso is long or vice versa.
I had noticed in the Olympics this year there was a young woman who was part of the US sailing team and she had only been sailing since college and suddenly five years later she is sailing for the US team. I wonder if there are specific traits that make someone a better sailor, and if so if she has any of these traits. Another woman who was competing in the triathlon had only been biking since college. She was on her college cross country and track team but that never biked a day in her life and was not an avid swimmer and yet she started to bike and swim and six years later for her (I believe it was six but i am not positive) she was on a 8 straight winning streak of triathlons and on her way to the Rio Olympics.
It makes sense that certain traits would be helpful in specific events or sports but I just surprises me that it shows up so much. Or those people who have such a high lung capacity and didn't  even know it. How can that be? I also wonder if now that they have this information if it will make them want to try and train. Depending on my age I think if I got that information it would surely make me want to see if I could then become a super athlete. I also wonder if their parents have this cool ability. Whether it is a dominant or recessive gene in their families? Or maybe they are just the product of the start of a new evolutionary development. HAHA that would be cool.


  1. That is so interesting!!! I wonder if I have a body type for something that I don´t do. Could I be the ultimate golfer??? I completely understand your frustration with skiing. Someone who has the perfect body for it could live in an area like Florida hahaha.
    I also wonder if the gene is dominant or recessive, and if that is how we are so good at activities our parents were good at. I love the idea of this and would love to know where I stand with all of this in a sports mindset!

  2. The fact that some people are simply born built for a certain sport could definitely be a huge frustration for those not built for that sport. Like a 5'5" basketball player, as much as they may love the game or practice constantly , they will never be as good as that 7 foot player that puts in the same amount of practice, and there's not a thing they can do to gain those 19 inches. I'll bet you can imagine the frustration if you WEREN'T designed like an Olympic skier but still loved the sport like you do. As a continuation of this it would be really interesting if studies were done to look at the right wall of human ability in each sport. This "right wall" was discussed in Stephen Gould's book Full House, and is a statistical representation of how far a human can max out his achievements given certain limiting factors. For instance, in track and field runners approach this right wall for the 100 meter around 9 seconds or so because its simply not possible for someone to run it in say 5 seconds. I wonder if it is possible (also disheartening at the same time) would be for someone to design an algorithm that given someones height and strength and so on, will estimate the approximate right wall for that persons ability in skiing.