Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Reflection of week January 31-Feb 3

This week went pretty well. I understand DNA pretty well and most of what we did felt a lot like a review. I remember a majority of it from Advance Biology. I really enjoy learning about DNA because I find it so fascinating and incredible that all life consists of the same genetic material. It makes sense because that is how we are able to all this crazy stuff with CRISPR but at the same time, it feels strange to me thinking that I'm made up of the same things as say a fish, pig, or whale. On the flipside of DNA being a review, the vodcasts (or rather one giant vodcast) was a lot to soak in.  I feel as though the lengthiness of the vodcast made it harder to focus in on what it was really saying. I also really enjoy hearing Mrs. Cole's voice to help explain what is being talked about. I also like the life analogies she gives that help tie everything together nicely. I think I will need to read over my notes a few times to help me understand and let all the information soak in. I really enjoyed doing the 'Who is John M' activity, it was a fun and more relaxed way to look at DNA and compare how genes are passed on to their children. I also like being about to bounce ideas off my classmates and hearing them explain their thoughts can be extremely helpful to me. This unit in AP Biology we are working on understanding Information and all that we did this week played nicely into this unit. The main thing I think I should work on for this week is better understanding the vodcasts and coming up with better questions for when we discuss the vodcasts in our groups.

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