Monday, March 20, 2017

Cancer Activity Reflection Questions 3-2-1

3) three things you learned from the activity:
I learned that there are only 9 genes associated with genome maintenance. I learned that there are multiple gene mutations that can lead to the same type of cancer and different numbers of mutations that can cause the same type of cancer. I also learned that there was a great deal that we do not know about the Chromosomes (when we colored in the chromosomes there were some chromosomes that we only knew one gene on).
2) two things that surprised or interested you:
I was surprised there were so few genes that coded for genome maintenance. I was also interested in the similarities and also what appeared to be a lack of similarities of patients suffering from the same type of cancer. None of my group with the same type of cancer shared all of the same mutation. Some of our mutations were found on the same chromosome but if they were they weren't in the same location (which surprised and interested me a great deal).
1) one question you still have:
 Does the number of mutated genes a patient has have an effect on their cancer? If someone with Lung cancer that has four gene mutations have a more severe cancer than someone with only two gene mutations?

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