Sunday, March 5, 2017

Weekly reflection 2/27-3/3

This week in biology we have been working with Biotechnology and PCR. The vodcast about Biotechnology was another long one. However, I liked that it took the time to explain how everything worked. I actually really liked how the vodcast was broken down. At the same time, it was a lot of information and not the kind of information I feel as though can be easily remembered at least not for me. For this reason, I know that this particular vodcast on Biotechnology is going to be one that I will need to visit a few times. In class, we started a lab using PCR. This is really cool because we got to test our DNA to see if we have a certain gene ( a gene that apparently does nothing). The fact that we did this lab virtually before we actually did the physical lab was extremely helpful because it made it feel as though this lab was nothing but review which is always helpful. It was fun seeing how my DNA compared to other peoples in the class. My group was lucky in the fact that our DNA strands showed up very well in the gel with the dye. The other cool thing was that I was one of two people in the class that was heterozygous for the gene. Weirdly enough there was no one that was homozygous positive for the gene. I wonder if this has to do with the location of our community. Also the fact that a few years ago the only person who was homozygous positive was Herr Wong and Herr Wong is not from the community. It would be really cool to see if there is a higher concentration of homozygous positive kids in Kennett if they are not originally from the valley. I wonder what would play the main role in removing this gene from our DNA seeing as it as it doesn't code for anything.   I really like doing labs especially when they are as engaging as this lab was because I always tend to retain the information for so much longer. Overall I believe that this was a good week in Bio and I look forward to wrapping up this lab with a lab report.

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