Sunday, March 26, 2017

Weekly Reflection 3/20-3/24

This week in Biology we did a lot of work with Chi-squares and working with inheritance patterns. This was an extremely effective packet because I really liked how it broke down the process. Some of the language was a little confusing like when it was talking about Critical value and the P value but luckily my group figured it out. It was good to practice different ways that we can analyze data and take information and determine if something is significant or not. It is really important that we can not only conduct the experiments and collect data but that we can also interpret what it all means and showcase the information in such a way that other people could understand it.
On Monday of last week, we were also able to wrap up our cancer activity. I really enjoyed the cancer activity because I believe that it is incredibly relevant and I find the growth of tumor pretty interesting. As far as workload, for this previous week I believed it was pretty light which was pretty amazing and made it really possible to take our time and absorb the knowledge as we did it. There was still enough to keep us busy but not so much that you had to spend hours on it. Personally, I believe this was a good week for me, I feel like I absorbed the work really well and feel really confident moving forward. Also, Nina and I were able to finish the mini lab on Friday which always gives you a boost of confidence if you can accomplish all the work in class. Onto the virtual Fly lab for this week!

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