Friday, March 31, 2017

Weekly Reflection of March 27-31

This week in Biology we worked a great deal with fruit flies and doing different tests on their inheritance patterns. We were able to use a virtual lab that allowed for the creation of the next generation much faster in a matter of seconds rather than waiting for our own flies to reproduce. This was really cool because we were able to cross flies with different traits and based on the generations later produced we had to conclude the type of gene (Dominant/recessive) and the type of inheritance (Sexual linked or Autosomal). Then based on our outcomes we had to calculate the critical values and see if this would reject the null hypothesis or not. The upside of this experiment is that it took a fraction of the time and effort it would normally to breed the flies and have them grow and yet it still gave us accurate results. I personally find inheritance very interesting and like how predictable it is, given there is not some environmental force acting on the situation. We ended the week with some AP test prep which is really helpful. I like the idea of working with some of the material before we actually have to take the test because I think it will make it all feel more comfortable when it comes down to having to take it. Also I liked how I noticed some of the questions that are on our tests and quizzes come from the AP practice test and that gives me more confidence going into the test knowing that I will be more familiar with the material. This week wasn't at all overwhelming and I feel like I handled the material really well. I look forward to dealing more with inheritance. Overall, I believe that this week went really smoothly and I feel that I have ample time to prepare for our up coming quiz that was moved to Monday due to so many of our students being on a Key Club trip.

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