Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekly Reflection

This past week was pretty short with a group of us missing Monday for an NHIA Scholar-Athlete awards meeting in Concord and then have a Snow day Tuesday and no school Friday for a Teacher workshop, However, we were able to do some work on Activity with Cancer which so far is pretty interesting. I like how it incorporates our new found knowledge involving inhibitors and accelerators. It also makes it interesting the fact that Cancer is so common nowadays and knowing more about it interests me deeply. The other class day was used to take our Test. The Test multiple choice seemed pretty straight forward, I felt extremely confident with my answers. However, I can not say the same about the Open Response section of the test. I'll be honest and say that for part of it I straight up was guessing and trying to sound intelligent. I hate when that happens because then for the rest of the day I spend thinking about it and wondering what the right answer was. That being said having the snow day to study was very helpful. I wish I had more storage on my phone so I could have downloaded the hangout app and been part of the class discussion that took place over it (Hint to my mother that I need a new phone). Overall, it was a nice short week in Bio but  I look forward to finishing the cancer lab.

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