Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekly Reflection

 This past week in AP Biology we worked with the transpiration rates of leaves.  My group decided to test the transpiration rates of two different plants (impatiens and a cactus). This was done by monitoring the amount of water that each leaf took in over the course of two days. This was an interesting lab because it was pretty free as to what we could test and/or compare. The ability to create our own lab made it far more intriguing and engaging because our group was testing something that we came up with and wanted to know. It also made the whole classroom more interesting because every group was testing something completely different. This was also good practice in how to construct a full lab from writing up our own procedure, forming our own question and all the steps in between. I believe that this was a great way to conduct our last experiment before the AP test because it forced our group to think like scientists. The whole process was extremely helpful and I greatly enjoy working in groups because you always have someone to bounce your ideas off of and help you if you run into a road block. Looking back I do wish we were able to test more than just one leaf of each plant because it caused our data to be extremely susceptible to error. Looking forward in Biology I am excited to start reviewing for the AP exam and see how much I remember from this year. On the plus side, having the vodcasts is extremely helpful to look back on.

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